How you can improve your nutrition with Divine Nature

We have come a long way in formulating the most nutrient dense, whole food powder supplement available on the market today! Total Nutrition supplements diets lacking in micronutrients and proteins intake, is a great tasting replacement for junk foods and cravings and beneficial after workouts to help increase protein and muscle growth. Total Nutrition is truly a ‘meal replacement’. We have been educated for years that we must eat a certain way and supplement a certain way, not skip meals and that it would be hard to get all our body needs ‘nutritionally’ in a powdered drink.

Each serving contains about 20 grams of protein, whey, soy, pea and rice. When proteins are broken down into an amino acid, the body can then utilize that protein to the area in the body that needs it the most. Each protein contains different amounts of amino acids, and every protein has higher or lower levels of certain amino acids. Divine Nature has blended specific proteins together in proportionate amounts so that every single gram of protein can be converted to energy and muscle enhancing power. The mix of 24 vitamins and minerals in Total Nutrition are at 100% of the recommended daily allowance. The fatty acids are MTC (medium chain triglyceride) based, complimented with quality essential fatty acids, to provide metabolism efficiency. Total Nutrition contains a full spectrum of vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals. It is the only powder that can provide absorption rates of each of its minerals and vitamins. These patented and proprietary ingredients guarantee assimilation. Total Nutrition also has a full variety of proteins blended together to increase greater absorption on a cellular level.

These can be blended together with your favorite juices and fruits; Grape, Pineapple, Orange Juice, Apple, Cranberry, or just water. You cannot get a healthier blended meal that tastes great too. Total Nutrition can be mixed with Nature’s Fruits & Vegetable powder to create an amazing blend with 28 certified organic fruits and vegetables.

Recommended Use
Mix 1 scoop with 12 to 16 ounces of water or your favorite juice. Mix thoroughly and drink. Best results occur when taken within one hour of actively using muscles.

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