Can Your Cell Phone Cause Brain Cancer?

Do you get addicted to usage of mobile phones every time? Lot of people throughout the globe consider that they could not live without mobile phones since they like talking to family members and friends since they like to be in contact with them always. Mobiles have become usual communication medium throughout the globe but all the technical products on earth has both good and bad sides. Mobiles are definitely very helpful to people since they are helpful during emergency conditions but plenty of talks are going on about mobiles that they could lead to brain cancer which is definitely shocking news for its users.

Mobile radiation has become an important topic among mobile users, scientists and mobile companies who are aware of this radiation could have bad impact on human health. Lots of health experts think that mobiles emit harmful radiations and signals which could definitely impact the brain but the subject is debated very much. Recently, the director of Cancer institute of Pittsburgh has conveyed a message to all staff giving them a warning that cell phone signals could lead to brain cancer asking them reduce its usage. It clearly stated that the radiations from cell phones are the causes of brain cancer. So, it is good to avoid cell phones for avoiding danger of such radiations.

However, there are people and organizations that clearly oppose the idea that cell phones can give you brain cancer. Just five months later after the memo National Cancer Institute (NCI) came up with their story where they said that they have substantial evidence that cell phones cannot give out brain cancer because the radiations emitting from cell phones are not that strong. Apart from the NCI there are many other health care organizations that believe that cell phones do not have the power to cause so much radiation inside us and therefore causing brain cancer is out of question.

Cell phones use non-ionizing radiation which is very different from ionizing radiation which is used in X-rays. The X-rays are not very powerful and they don’t have enough strength to ionize electrons or any other particles in the atom. However, cell phone radiation falls under ionize radiation which is similar to that of microwaves that can heat and cook our food. Jorn Olsen, Chair of Epidemiology at the University of California, LA also has the opinion that although cell phones have non-ionizing radiation they do not have enough radiation to damage our DNA or any genetic material that can further lead to cancer.

Many researches from different health institutes have claimed that short term cell phone usage does not have any effect on human health or mind, but cell phone usage for long term is still under the scanner. Hence, it is still a very hot topic between those who favor for cell phone usage and those who think that cell phone technology needs an immediate change.

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