Most relevant health issues for women today

A women goes through many stages in life – and each phase comes with its own set of challenges. It is important to be aware of the various health issues a women needs to know about. There are many health issues specific to women.

The most common women health issues today are:

1. Breast cancer
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women. It is hereditary, but due to changing lifestyles the instances of breast cancer are rising.

2. Cervical Cancer
This is most common in females of reproductive age, and is also seen progressing in post-menopausal females. It is caused by a virus, and hence can spread fast.
Cervical cancer is the only cancer with a vaccine available the HPV and all females of reproductive age should get immunized. Pap tests every two years is a must, starting at age 21.

3. Diabetes
Diabetes is on the rise because of stress-filled lifestyle, poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Diabetes increases the risk for heart disease and affects many different organs.

4. Heart diseases
Heart diseases is the top killer for women worldwide. Symptoms are generally mild and include little bit of jaw pain, shoulder ache, nausea, vomiting, or shortness of breath. Smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, obesity and being overweight increases the risk for heart disease.

5. Reproductive health issues – problems during conception, pregnancy and delivery. These can include menstruation and menstrual irregularities, urinary tract health etc. Pregnancy issues include infertility, pregnancy loss (miscarriage and stillbirth), preterm labor and premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and developmental defects.

6. Hormonal problems – Some females may require medical attention during puberty, since a lot of hormonal changes take place during this time.

7. Osteoporosis
The bones of women weaken as the age advances. The cause is osteoporosis where the bones become fragile and can get easily fractured. This happens as the woman nears menopause.

8. Hyperthyroidism / Hypothyroidism
Many women face issues with the overstimulation or under stimulation of the thyroid gland, and this results in metabolic disruption.

9. Depression
Hormonal changes can also trigger the condition, particularly after pregnancy (postpartum) or around menopause. Also, more women than men face issues like depression.

One must always be aware of the health issues for women heatlh issues and take extra care to address these. All women should always monitor their health on a regular basis, and keep a lookout for any unfamiliar signs. They must always be vigilant and get regular health check ups.

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