Xtreme sports

bullet Games will start at the sound of a horn, you
will recognize it when you ear it bullet Do not sit at your base when you hear it,
move out, move forward bullet The marshals/referee will be wearing bright
yellow vests bullet Do not argue or fire on marshals bullet Do not remove your mask for any reason
whatsoever. Paintballs travel at 300 feet per
second. Getting hit in the eye can be severe bullet The Marshalls will be using 3 signs on the
field, the 1 st is neutral player bullet If you have any problem when you are out there,
problems with your gun, mask or anything else, –
get your gun in the air and shout for Marshall.
He will call you neutral. bullet Do not fire on anyone with his or her gun in the
air bullet The second sign when we are finished checking
your problem and if you are still in the game,
we will tell you to hide then we will say player
clean- you are now back in the game. bullet The third sign is player eliminated. You are out
of the game. bullet If you are 10 feet (3 meters) or less away from
a player, do not fire on that player. bullet Force surrender, if they turn on you by all
means fire at the legs. bullet No excessive firing on a player. If you think
you have tagged a player and she/he has not left
the field, call a Marshall to paint checks the
player. Do not continuously fire on player, this
can hurt!!! bullet No physical contact in anger of any kind bullet No blind firing, always look where you are
shooting bullet Remember to raise your gun when you have a
problem or are eliminated and walking out bullet Do not pick up paintballs from the floor and
load them, they will jam your gun and we will
know about it bullet If you are not being hit directly, but sprayed
by paint, if the spray is larger than a 100 bzs
coin than you are out. bullet Do not open your hopper to check for paint,
instead shake it. bullet We are not liable for paint spilled on field by
opening your hopper. bullet From time to time check your hopper lid,
especially after rough encounter bullet Do not play with the gas cylinder. If it comes
off it will go back at 300 feet per second. It
will not pop, it�s not a paintball.

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