Level 5 certified workcomp advisors


Human Resource consultants located where you and your clients/potential clients are located will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your client’s HR, personnel administration and compliance.

The on-site audit will include a review of procedures, personnel files, government required forms and employment law compliance. You and your clients/potential clients will receive practical recommendations. While every effort will be made to provide complimentary evaluations, the local HR Consultant may charge.

The Institute will present monthly teleclasses for your key potential clients.

Image building through news releases and authored articles will be periodically issued on your behalf. You and the Institute will co-author booklets, white papers, reports and studies on WorkComp to be published in your local area trades and newspapers.

The Institute will present monthly teleclasses for your key potential clients

The Institute will work with you to certify the WorkComp insurance contact person (typically the HR person who wears multi-hats) at your clients/potential clients of 100-750 employees through two Certified WorkComp Analyst Institutes annually. The Certified WorkComp Analyst Designation is a powerful marketing tool.

Develop mastery of the “People Part” of insurance.

Institute for LEVEL 5 Advisors exclusively. LEVEL 5 Advisors will determine how many LEVEL 5 institutes annually they desire.

New producers of LEVEL 5 agencies are invited to attened the foundation Institute at no cost.

One hour with a sales coach, including audio taping/critique with feedback of your presentation.

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