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  • Ensure supplier compliance against retailer and regulatory requirements
  • Limited or delayed visibility into sample and product testing results
  • Difficult to identify non-compliant suppliers prior to raising orders
  • Results of corrective action programs not visible by buying team
  • Non-conformant suppliers should be visible across the company

Trace One can help

Successful retailers have discovered that by increasing their percentage of private label goods they can increase overall gross margins while meeting, and often beating, the national brands. But at what cost? As the pressure mounts to meet customer expectations for safe and ethically sourced products, retailers are becoming increasingly aware they are ultimately responsible for maintaining the integrity of their brand. A lack of insight into supplier practices can have a devastating effect on the reputation and brand of a retailer. 

Trace One Quality and Compliance helps structure and manages supplier relationships beginning with supplier self-registration, to supporting product testing, generating audit schedules, and managing corrective action programs. This web-based module supports the entire supplier network by standardizing communications, establishing metrics, and fostering collaboration to jointly meet product specifications and safety goals. 


Customer Satisfaction: Maintain customer loyalty by ensuring the quality and safety of products

  • Brand Protection: Protect the brand through working with reliable, ethical and responsible suppliers that have a sustainable business
  • Improved Competitiveness: Provide a point of difference with competitors whilst improving margins especially in value price ranges
  • Better Suppliers: Improve the supplier selection process and strengthen the ability to meet regulatory requirements with a comprehensive supplier information repository
  • Improved Quality Chain: Avoid costly corrections to products and potential recalls later on by building quality into designs and adopting stringent testing processes


Supplier Network provides a single source supplier directory for each retailer; with the appropriate security, suppliers are empowered to self-register, submit quotes, and negotiate with buyers on-line  

  • Factory Audit enables retailers to integrate product testing, inspections and factory audits into their overall global sourcing process, enabling buyers to better manage supplier base
  • Corrective Programs enable the retailer to define and monitor corrective actions for non-compliance and proactively notify appropriate parties  
  • Product Testing requirements can be established  by product type to proactively highlight issues throughout the sourcing process
  • Supplier Scorecard provides a basis for long term decision making regarding reliable and cost effective sources of supply as well as better supplier management

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