Soma massage rochester, ny

693 East Avenue . Rochester, New York  .  14607
 .  585.615.5656

   breathe   stretch   awaken      relax
   breathe   stretch   awaken     relax  
breathe   stretch   awaken

Relaxation Massage 
A mini vacation! Leave your stress behind and escape
into a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Emerge a new person!

1/2 hr $35    45 min $45     1 hr

Deep Tissue Massage
Using a variety of modalities including Travell Trigger Point,
Connective Tissue and Neuromuscular,
I will address any problem areas you might be having.

1/2 hr $45    45 min $55     1 hr

Muscle Meltdown
Using the essential oils of Birch and Juniper
to reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles,
this massage incorporates both deep tissue and relaxation
techniques to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

1 hour treatment $75

The Great Escape  
This is the massage you want when you have little time
for a vacation, not enough hours in the day to do everything,
 when you are ready to put everything down and
 say “Enough is Enough!’ .Warm luxurious oils will be drizzled
all over while you melt away under a soothing hot stone massage.

1 hour treatment $75


   breathe   stretch   awaken      relax
   breathe   stretch   awaken     relax  
breathe   stretch   awaken

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