A-level tuition singapore | jc tuition specialist provider’s faqs

FAQs (of A-Level Tuition Singapore)

Question: How do I make payment for the JC Tuition lessons attended
with Adam Smith Learning Centre?

A-Level Group Tuition

For our A-Levelgroup tuitionlessons, students are encouraged to attend the first TWO trials lesson, risk free. The fees will
only be collected on the third
 lesson. The fees are collectedon a monthly basis.

Receipts will be issued to students as proof of payment.

Question: What do you mean by your
first lesson being RISK-FREE?

Any student can attend any of our JC tuition lessons on a risk free basis. By
this, we mean that you can come for the first TWO lessons literally without any risk, because we won’t be
collecting any fees during those lessons.

In the very unlikely event that you think we do not add value to your
revision at all, naturally you are disappointed, and would like to stop all future lessons.

We do not object. In fact, we do not even ask you to pay a single cent. That
means, if after the risk free lessons, you wish to discontinue the third and all future lessons, the 2
trial lessons are NOT charged. Hence, the meaning risk-free.

However, should you continue to attend any lessons in future, the first TWO
lessons are considered well done, and we will ask for the fees for the first two lesson too. (Note: this
applies at all times within 24 months of the date of the first risk-free lesson.)

Question: What are the tuition fees
and rates?

Our rates are very affordable and very competitive. For instance, our group rates
range from $30 to $45 per hour. The difference depends on when you or your child joins the lessons. The earlier you
join, the lower the rate.

There’s also a very small one-time administrative/materials fee.

Question: What are the various payment options for the JC tuition

1) Cash Payment

Account Name : Adam Smith Economics Tuition Agency
Account Details : Standard Chartered Bank 0710060734

Kindly notify Adam Smith Economics Tuition Agency’s sales representative (at
96959650) upon successful transaction for verification purpose.

2) Payment via Cheque

Student may issue a crossed cheque payable to “Adam Smith Learning
Centre Pte Ltd
” and present to the Operations Executive of the Centre upon the THIRD lesson, and
subsequently for every month.

Kindly indicate i) Student’s Name ii)Contact Number(s) , iii) Subject(s) taken with the Centre, and iv) Day and Time of Class, behind
the cheque.

3) Payment by NETS

Our A-Level Tuition Centre has NETS billing facilities available for parents’ and students’

Question: Miscellaneous

Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable
No refund will be made once registration is confirmed. Fees are not transferable to
any third parties.

Student is required to give at least 2 weeks WRITTEN notice to withdraw from the
A-Level revision courses.

AttendanceFor ‘A’ Levels Group Tuition

There will be no refunds for any absenteeism, late coming or cancellation of any
sort. Make-up lessons are easily arranged or students, at other existing timeslots of the same

Relief of A-Level Tutors
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the rights to send a
relief A-Level tutor should your instructor be unavailable.

All JC students are required to have their own necessary writing equipments
such as pen, paper and calculator.

We will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or
loss of life while attending the JC tuition lessons and this includes all cost and expenses incurred as a
result of such claims.


Smith Learning Centre
Pte Ltd reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior



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