The danger of actos side effects

Every modern medicine will have some sort of side effect and for the Actos drug, it too have actos side effects. Therefore, it is important for you to know the side effects that the Actos can cause your body to experience. There are many cases of serious compensation being paid out to the user of the Actos drug. Many of the plaintiffs have been proven to suffer serious illnesses cause by the actos side effects.

Many lawyers have helped patients who use Actos to get millions of dollars. One of the most dangerous outcomes from the Actos drug is the bladder cancer. The patients that have been taking the Actos to control their sugar level have succumbed to even worst disease that is the cancer. Some of the patient even died because of the side effects. Lawyers have helped patients to sue the manufacturer for the negative outcome.

Cancer One of Actos Side Effects

The actos side effects from common to dangerous level have been going on for years and most of the bladder cancer sufferers had been using the Actos drug for very long period and because of this they have to suffer with cancer. The actos side effects not only bring in the common side effects, but also causing chronic side effects which can cause the loss of life. The bladder cancer cause by Actos has made many people to suffer the pain in silence and some of them even died after finding out that they suffer from bladder cancer.

The actos side effects have become national and international news when people started to file for summons in American courts. Most of the plaintiff had won their trial and these have caused Actos manufacturer to pay a huge sums of money to the victims of the Actos medicine.

Other actos side effects are the weight gain, fluid retention and edema. Some of the common side effects are the sore throat, cold, headache, back pain and discomfort throughout of the body. The Actos can also cause people to experience diarrhea and nausea. Both situation not only pain, it also cause discomfort. In some cases the user of the Actos also experience urinary infection. Many doctors suggested that pregnant women should not take the drug even though there are no reports whether the Actos can be a danger to the baby in the womb.

Common Actos Side Effects

One of the unusual actos side effects is the fluid retention cases. This has causes Actos to lose popularity among diabetes patients. The liquid retention occurs after the long term used of the Actos drug by the patient. There are also other common side effects causes by Actos such as the delusional anemia, myalgias, Pharyngitis, sinusitis, headache and hypoglycemia.

It has to be noted to avoid any chance of contracting bladder cancer, the diabetes sufferers who have been using the Actos drug should regularly go for a medical check-up so that any sign of the cancer can be detected earlier and get the right treatment to avoid the cancer. There is many more information that you can get and the best place is the internet so you will have the complete list of actos side effects.

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