The interaction between the mutations of breast cancer elucidated

The pathogenesis of breast cancer involves a combination of defects in several double-strand break (DSB) repair genes and the control point of belonging to a common function, the researchers report this month. Writing in the British Journal of Cancer, the team says its findings support the combined effect of mutations in different genes and emphasize the need to examine together the ways oncogenic for a better view of the molecular changes involved in the development and progression of cancer. SL Ding (National Defense Medical Center Taipei, Taiwan) and colleagues studied 74 Chinese women with early-onset (35 years) infiltrating ductal carcinomas.The cohort was relatively homogeneous, it is noted, with none of the patients with germline mutations of BRCA1 or ATM, or a familyhistory of breast cancer.
Genetic sequencing revealed that high-grade tumors have a high frequency of loss of heterozygosity and / or abnormal expression of ATM, BRCA1 and TP53. multigene analysis confirmed that the abnormalities in BRCA1 with high-quality independent tumors arise from this website, read this article hcp.

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