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Remind Your Body

If we trust that our bodies are always looking for balance and health, we can know that relaxing, resting, nurturing our bodies supports the finding of health.

Support is often no more that allowing our bodies time and space to remember what they are capable of. Massage provides direct, physical, kinesthetic feedback to
the body about its current state. Massage encourages relaxation, and gentle movement toward physical balance. Often, we think that we have to actively change the
parts of our bodies that are causing us pain or discomfort. I assert that the first step (and many of the following steps) to wellness, is to relax and gently
remind ourselves and our bodies that health is possible if we work with what we have.

Unwind Your Mind

We spend our waking moments thinking. Our thoughts range from destructive to constructive, clear to confusing, and they fill our heads constantly. Rarely do we
let our minds rest and await the knowing that sits quietly inside. We have an inner voice that we don’t often stop to acknowledge. As my clients move toward wellness,
they discover that their inner voice often has really great, simple, attainable goals for them. During a massage session, thoughts can slowly fall away to reveal inner
truth. My clients leave their sessions with relaxed and centered bodies and clear peaceful minds. Massage, can be a powerful way for your body and mind to begin to
inform each other simply and directly.

Everyone has a different body and a different story. Some of us are more physically centered and some of us more intellectually or spiritually centered. Some of
us are looking for shifts in our bodies to occur, whether it be toward a better awareness of our muscles and posture or to alter other body systems through
relaxation. Some of us are looking for a renewed sense of peace and connectedness between body mind and spirit. Because everyone is different, I welcome
clients as they are, and address their needs individually. I offer many massage tools that I employ creatively and earnestly to support your personal wellness goals.

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